New Meal Plans

New Nutri Meal Plans

Quick and easy recipes and tips for the busy ones

✓ A cookbook for people who want to eat healthy every day
✓ Simple visual recipes – 50% of the recipes can be prepared in 15 minutes
✓ Complete nourishing vegan cuisine, gluten-free
✓ A handful of tricks to help you spend as little time in the kitchen as possible
✓ Each recipe has a list of the 34 nutrients it contains

This is not an ordinary cookbook. This is a balanced meal plan for busy people to help get their diet under control for good.

New Nutri Meal Plans

The New Nutri Diet Meal Plans make up a cookbook for those who want to eat healthy, but are preoccupied with various activities throughout the day and have hardly any time left to cook healthy meals. This book can make a real difference in your eating habits. It includes simple recipes from which you can create hundreds of wholesome menus and tips for healthy eating on the go. The cuisine is simple but fully nutritious; based on vegetables and other ingredients with the highest nutritious density.

The book is especially for vegans and vegetarians and those who want to implement a plant-based diet in a safe way and without any doubts as to whether they are providing the body with everything it needs. Our recipes are also appreciated by gluten-free people and those who focus on low GI foods.

The idea behind this book was to help those who want to eat well

We created the New Nutri Diet Meal Plans for the highest convenience of use. We have developed even simpler recipes, prepared with more accessible ingredients. Dishes that can be made in less than 15 minutes, takeaway meals and those easy to freeze are marked with dedicated icons.

✓ 50% of the recipes in this book can be cooked in less than 15 minutes,
✓ 90% of the dishes are perfectly suitable as takeaway meals,
✓ 25% of your meals can be frozen and used on days when you don’t have any time to cook.

In addition, we’ve added a Nutri Dish Builder with which you can clean out your fridge of leftovers, and even more ideas for busy people and tips on how to modify recipes when you don’t have all the ingredients.

A balanced meal plan

Have you ever wondered if you are getting adequate nutrients from the meals you eat? The good news is that by creating your meal plans based on the recipes contained in the book, you’ll be sure you’re getting everything you need to maintain proper health. The New Nutri Diet Meal Plans, similarly to the previous edition of the book, contain, on average, 3 times more nutrients than a typical Western European diet. Moreover, each recipe in this book comes with a complete list of 33 nutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats and proteins, so you know exactly what you’re eating.

Creating meal plans – hundreds of possibilities

The book is built on the same principle as the first edition – it contains 70 simple and highly nutritious visual recipes, each for the 1,500- and 2,000-kcal versions of the diet. You are free to compose meal plans at your own discretion. Both parts of the Diet Meal Plans are compatible with each other and with the recipes published on the blog. If you want to create your own meal plan based on this book, there are hundreds of possibilities. You will have even more options if you decide to rely on all of our recipes.

How does it work? This book is divided into sections: breakfasts, sweet snacks, lunches, salty snacks, and dinners. All recipes that belong to the specific section contain roughly the same number of calories, allowing you to customize your menu according to your individual preferences, and the available time and resources.



Format of the eBook

The eBook is 219 pages long. The redesigned pdf format guarantees a very pleasant reading experience on any device. It can be comfortably read on a computer, tablet, smartphone and ebook readers.


You will get:
  • eBook “New Nutri Meal Plans”

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You will get:
  • eBook “New Nutri Meal Plans”
  • eBook “Nutri Meal Plans”
  • eBook “Nutri Diet”

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You will get:
  • eBook “New Nutri Meal Plans”
  • eBook “Nutri Meal Plans”

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The Siblings Project

The Nutri Diet Meal Plans are a joint project of two siblings: Agnieszka and Mateusz. They are both big fans of nourishing, plant-based cuisine, and they share their knowledge on a daily basis on the blog In 2019, they received the most important award for influencers in Poland – the Creator of the Year award in the Health and Beauty category in a contest organized by Influencer Live Poznań.

The book shows the practical side of the diet described by Mateusz in his previous project “Nutri Diet”. Mateusz has the soul of a researcher. He’s the master of numbers and enjoys analyzing. He’s responsible for all the calculations and carefully monitors the nutrient value of the meals. Agnieszka is passionate about a healthy lifestyle. She lives actively, is always on the run and looking for ways to get even more energy by enthusiastically testing the solutions Mateusz invents. She takes on the practical role.